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免費媒體與影片App|Lovely Insects|阿達玩APP

Insects, the most numerous and arguably the most dominant life on Earth, are an interesting type of living thing. A person would hardly a day goes by without meeting one. Because of their number, to identify the insects can get complicated already more than once at that point.

When entomologists talk about the different types of insects, they are defined as having three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen) and six legs. But they vary much from that. You can find in this app 80 high quality wallpapers of different type of insects captured by professional around the world. You would surely appreciate the beauty of these little bugs.

Keywords: Insects, butterfly, dragonfly, mantis, bee, ant, moth, wasp, honey bee, hornet, cockroach, flies, spider, ladybug.

免費媒體與影片App|Lovely Insects|阿達玩APP

免費媒體與影片App|Lovely Insects|阿達玩APP

免費媒體與影片App|Lovely Insects|阿達玩APP

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