Lovely Hearts Galore|免費玩娛樂App


免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

'Galore' (adjective) - from Irish Gaelic (go leor): in great numbers; in abundance.

Bring a galore of hearts and a spark to your life with this gently and tastefully crafted wallpaper, which has been created to deliver an aesthetically pleasing visual experience with a high-level of technical sophistication. Mesmerize yourself by observing small hearts moving in a background, and feel subtle hints of light reflections with a harmoniously beating heart in the foreground. Play with popping hearts and listen to delicate sounds when they are touched. Personalise your taste by switching themes and using your own pictures to create unique floating portraits. Create a warm greeting to remind you of someone special, and watch it revolve around the screen.

免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

This is an interactive wallpaper, not a pre-recorded movie. It uses 3D technology (OpenGL) to visualise all effects in real-time.

Wallpaper features:

免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

- different visualisation themes matching your mood,

- personal floating portrait popping from hearts for which you can choose your own pictures and select the frame shape,

免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

- your own favourite revolving quote or greeting,

- interactive elements – popping hearts when touched,

免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

- real-time calculated three-dimensional graphics.

If you enjoy this wallpaper please consider donating using the built-in billing feature, which is accessible from the Preferences screen. Doing so unlocks additional premium features.

免費娛樂App|Lovely Hearts Galore|阿達玩APP

How to open:

Home -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers -> Select 'Valentine Hearts Galore' from the list

E-mail us should you experience any problems with the wallpaper. Please don't forget to include your device model and a brief description of the problem.

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