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免費工具App|Love the Square Mile|阿達玩APP

Report environmental crime and issues easily to city of London.You can make a report in three easy steps:1) See the problem and take a photo. 2) Check the location (which is detected for you automatically)3) Pick a report category, and submitYour report will be sent to the relevant authority and you can be kept informed of progress in a variety of ways, including text and email messages and the Love the Square Mile web site ( But don’t stop there. Why not use Love Clean Streets to report the things you’ve done to help clean up your area? Thousands are already involved in looking after our rivers and public spaces.Join in and share your work and use the ‘FYI IFI (For Info I Fixed It)’ category on the app.“

免費工具App|Love the Square Mile|阿達玩APP

免費工具App|Love the Square Mile|阿達玩APP

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