Love Greeting Cards|免費玩娛樂App


免費娛樂App|Love Greeting Cards|阿達玩APP

Love Cards, send romantic greetings to your partner to express your feelings.

This application is specially designed for those who love to express their love in a different way.

Love Cards is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other occasion.

免費娛樂App|Love Greeting Cards|阿達玩APP

The best designs for lovers, from freshness to luxury. Use them as a gift, invitation, gretting, surprise, to write a poem.

Choose the background, type your message and send the greeting to your friends/love/partner by mail, whatsapp,hike,line,wechat, MMS, SMS, bluetooth.


-View lots of love images/wallpapers

-Save/View love images.

免費娛樂App|Love Greeting Cards|阿達玩APP

-Share photos (email, facebook, twitter, MMS,whatsapp)

-offline will be work.

免費娛樂App|Love Greeting Cards|阿達玩APP

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Love Greeting Cards玩免錢App

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