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免費娛樂App|Little Flower|阿達玩APP


Tired from Talking Tom and Talking Ben sound app and nice and talking animals for kids? Now, new version of repeating sounds app - Little Flower!

This month offer: Little Flower at super low price!

Stop launching those boring talking apps! New great Little Flower sound effects app won't let you down. Beautiful and nice flower with cute eyes will repeat anything you want: sounds, words and phrases. Have you ever imagined that you can talk with a flower? Now, you can! Get a lot of laugh with new music flower repeating app!

Little Flower repeat app features:

- User-friendly interface

- Funny sound effects

- Hilarious voice and attractive eye-catching appearance of the Flower

Have a great time with talking sound effect app for free - Little Flower! Tons of laughs - tons of fun!

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