Lichfield Bins|免費玩生活App


免費生活App|Lichfield Bins|阿達玩APP

Live in Lichfield or Tamworth and want an easier way of knowing when it's bin day? This app is for you!


- Small fix for medium size tile


- Pinned tiles are now transparent for Windows Phone 8.1 users. WP8.0 will see the accent colour as per previous versions.


- New graphical icons for medium size tiles. See at a glance which bins!


免費生活App|Lichfield Bins|阿達玩APP

- Now share your bin information via Email, SMS or even onto social networks! (Twitter, Facebook etc...)

---- FEATURES ----

+ See at a glance when it's bin day and which colour you need to put out.

+ Pin multiple addresses to the start screen.

+ Supports Lichfield (blue, brown, black) and Tamworth (green, blue, black) bins.

+ Uses real time data to ensure it's accurate and up to date!

+ Informative live tiles

No more relying on that A4 piece of paper stuck on the notice board in the kitchen!


免費生活App|Lichfield Bins|阿達玩APP

- Small fix for medium size tile

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