Lebanese Red Cross – NAJAT|免費玩商業App


免費商業App|Lebanese Red Cross – NAJAT|阿達玩APP

This application was developed to help improve access of the population in Lebanon to effective ambulance services.

The application enables any person with an internet connection in Lebanon to register their physical addresses and to transmit that address rapidly to the Lebanese Red Cross operators of the national "140" medical emergency hotline. This will help ambulances reach the patients speedily.

免費商業App|Lebanese Red Cross – NAJAT|阿達玩APP

The application also provides a platform for people to know more about, and interact with the Lebanese Red Cross in order to constantly improve this vital healthcare service.

It is the fruit of a close collaboration between the Lebanese Red Cross, Alfa - the Lebanese telecom operator managed by Orascom Telecom -, the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Waked family.

免費商業App|Lebanese Red Cross – NAJAT|阿達玩APP

We hope that this application will be useful to you, your loved ones and your colleagues.

Keywords: First Aid, Help, Emergency, Red Cross, Lebanese, Danger, learning, EMS, ambulance,140

免費商業App|Lebanese Red Cross – NAJAT|阿達玩APP

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