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Getting Started with Dreamweaver is designed to get you up and running in short period of time. Not only does this course cover important tips and tricks on how to use Dreamweaver, but we also review some fundamental concepts in web design. If you ever wanted to learn Adobe Dreamweaver and more about the web, this course is great place to start.


✔ Understanding Website Structure

✔ Define a Site

✔ Interface Overview

✔ Properties Inspector

✔ Workspaces

✔ Preview in Browser and Live View

✔ Creating a New File

✔ New Document Preferences

✔ Starter Layouts

✔ What are Fluid Grid Layouts?

✔ Adding HTML Structure

免費教育App|Learn Dreamweaver|阿達玩APP

✔ Title a Document

✔ Working with Lists

✔ Getting Text into Dreamweaver

✔ What is CSS?

✔ Code Preferences

✔ CSS Designer Panel

✔ Create an Element Selector

✔ Create a Second Element Selector

✔ Write a Class Selector

✔ Create an ID Selector

✔ Descendant Selectors

✔ Managing Styles and External Styles Sheets

✔ Using the Properties Inspector with CSS

免費教育App|Learn Dreamweaver|阿達玩APP

✔ Exploring CSS Inspect

✔ Using the Code Navigator

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