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This app will solve most simultaneous equations, polymonials, quadratics, cubics, engineering equations as well as other maths problems.

It works using two methods. By simulating evolution using a genetic algorithm, and by simulating flocking birds (boids).

The system starts by accepting the equations, for example:

免費工具App|Lazy Math|阿達玩APP


免費工具App|Lazy Math|阿達玩APP



The system then extracts the variables a, b and c, and creates the genetic algorithm with this many genes in it's genome. A flock of boids are also created to fly in 3 (a, b, c) dimensional space. The 2 methods of solving the problem are then set to work! After(usually) a short amount of time, the total error in the system is much less than 1.0E-7.

In the case of the genetic algorithm, the system starts with guess work, randomly generating some potential solutions to the problem equations. The total error of each of the individuals is then calculated, and the better members of the population are bred together to (hopefully) create better members.

In the case of the boids, members of the flock are created randomly in n-dimensional space, each dimension corresponding to a different variable in the equations. The boids then fly around the space following their 'noses' towards the area of least error.


This is just the beginning, there are many plans, avenues and useful tools by which to extend this project.

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