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免費生活App|Lalonde I.D.A. Pharmacy|阿達玩APP

No more wasting time on the phone or standing in line to fill your prescriptions. Now you can download our newest mobile app to help make your pharmacy needs even easier. This app will save you time with its ability to fill or refill any and all of your prescriptions right from your mobile device. Your prescriptions are sent directly to our pharmacy through this app and when you get the time your prescriptions will be ready for quick pick up! Life just got easier!

免費生活App|Lalonde I.D.A. Pharmacy|阿達玩APP

About Us:

Lalonde I.D.A. Pharmacy is located at 23 Young Street in Caperol, ON, part of the City of Greater Sudbury. Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Sudbury Centre, Capreol, with a population of 3,600, is an attractive and enjoyable place to live, learn, work and play.

I.D.A. pharmacies are independently owned and operated by pharmacists who believe in investing in the best possible pharmacy care. They are all united in a shared commitment of being your local community pharmacy. I.D.A. are independent pharmacies that are also members of Drug Trading, Canada's oldest and largest independent pharmacy services provider.

I.D.A. pharmacies have provided exemplary pharmacy care to consumers since 1933, when the Independent Druggists' Alliance (I.D.A.) was first established in Canada. They joined Drug Trading’s banner program because they wanted to provide a best-in-class pharmacy program to their patients while staying true to what they believe pharmacy should be. Add to that the dedication and true team environment of an independently owned pharmacy and you have the best of both worlds.


• An ability to easily request fill and refill transactions without going to the store

• Contact or locate the pharmacy quick and easily directly from the app

免費生活App|Lalonde I.D.A. Pharmacy|阿達玩APP

• Receive notifications directly from the pharmacy

• Link to the store’s Social Networking pages (Facebook and Twitter)

免費生活App|Lalonde I.D.A. Pharmacy|阿達玩APP

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