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Los Angeles Visitor’s GuideChina Edition洛杉矶旅游指南中文版The official guide to Los Angeles. Find great hotels, top attractions, L.A.’s best restaurants, and more. Start planning your perfect Southern California vacation today.From the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board洛杉矶官方旅游指南。查找好评酒店、热门景点、人气餐厅等等。现在就开始设计你在南加州的完美假期。来自洛杉矶会议及旅游局Highlights亮点The Regions of Los AngelesFrom the beaches to the mountains, get to know the area like an insider. Tips on popular attractions, must-see destinations, and star-studded venues. 涉及洛杉矶各个区域从海滩到山脉,让你像当地人一样了解这里。更有热门景点、必访之地和邂逅明星最佳场所的游览建议。Write Your Own L.A. StoryStargazer, romantic, cultural aficionado…we’ve got a plan for every personal style. Two-day itineraries with recommendations on where to stay, what to do, restaurants to try, and hidden gems to discover.谱写属于你的洛城故事无论你是幻想家、浪漫主义者还是艺术发烧友,都能找到符合自己独特口味的旅行计划。两天的行程包含了住宿推荐、活动选择、餐厅介绍,还推荐鲜为人知的“秘境”待你发现。Dining Your guide to the city’s top-ranking restaurants, star chefs, and trendsetting dishes.Plus: Where to find familiar fare.美食提供当地人气餐厅排名、明星大厨和流行菜式等资讯。此外,还有搜索熟悉口味餐厅的功能。Great FindsFind anything from designer jewelry to boho-chic fashion to bargain athletic wear at one of L.A.’s shops, malls, or insider shopping streets.包罗万象的搜索结果从洛杉矶所有店铺、商场和本地人光顾的购物街帮您找到所有感兴趣的商品,无论是定制珠宝、波西米亚风时装还是特价运动用品。In the KnowHow to prepare for your trip and what to expect during your visit to Los Angeles.出行须知出发前的准备工作以及洛杉矶旅行期间的注意事项。The DirectoryYour ultimate sourcebook for information on more than 950 tours, activities, restaurants, hotels, and more.商户名录包含950个旅游、活动、餐厅、酒店等信息的终极资料大全。

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