Kystcentret Thyborøn|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Kystcentret Thyborøn is the Danish West Coast's largest experience center. We offer more than 5000 m2 filled with activities for the whole family. Create waves with both hands and feet, sail with remotely controlled ships, let the hands disappear in quicksand, make huge soap bubbles, go to our Cinema and be creative in our nature workshops.

免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Use this Windows Phone app to:

Find out all about Kystcentret

免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Scan QR codes @Kystcentret

Find nearby hotspots and get directions

免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Play with the Interactive Map

免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Visit our Reptile Zoo. Try forces with nature on our giant outdoor Coastal playground.

免費旅遊App|Kystcentret Thyborøn|阿達玩APP

Discover our original Bunker from World War II and also check our exhibition about the Russian frigate "Alexander Nevski's" shipwreck on the West Coast.

Experiences enough for an entire vacation

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