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免費商業App|Khansama Tandoori Restaurant|阿達玩APP

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant

免費商業App|Khansama Tandoori Restaurant|阿達玩APP

The word tandoor came originally from the Middle East with the name deriving from the Babylonian word 'tinuru' from the Semitic word nar meaning fire. Hebrew and Arabic then made it tannur then tandur in Turkey, Central Asia and, finally Pakistan and India, who made it famous worldwide. Understandably, many people assume the tandoor to be native to India as evidence exists of early tandoors around 3000 BC.

Khansama Tandoori Village

免費商業App|Khansama Tandoori Restaurant|阿達玩APP

A Unique Theme Restaurant is part of Punjab's culture where warm hospitality is a way of its life and tradition. Punjabi Village, in the Indian Sub-continent is recognized land of Tandoori food, Bhangara & Giddha(form of dances) and lot more. At Khansama Tandoori Village , we have attempted to recreate the a reflection of Punjabi culture & traditions with authentic Punjabi ambience that make a visit so memorable. It serves an exclusive mouth watering cuisine. We hope your visit to our Khansama Tandoori Village will give you a glimpse of India and its rich food & cultures...

免費商業App|Khansama Tandoori Restaurant|阿達玩APP

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