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免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

Keisuke Honda FC

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

For football fans, we present FC Keisuke Honda Star. This completely free application with which you can have fun with the best puzzle games.

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

Select the image that you like, the level of difficulty and complete the puzzle with the moves of the sport with more fans in the world.

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

Keisuke Honda FC Features:

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

- Move the pieces to the right place to recreate the puzzle.

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

- The more you advance the harder the puzzle gets.

68. Keisuke Honda

免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP


免費解謎App|Keisuke Honda FC|阿達玩APP

CSKA Moscow and Japan

Born: Settsu, Osaka Prefecture

Age: 27

Some call him cocky but there is plenty to be cocky about. Keisuke Honda is the best player from a continent home to half the world’s population. By the time he showed the world how to conquer the Jabulani in 2010, he had tied himself to a four-year deal with CSKA Moscow. That is about to end as the 27-year-old, who relegates Shinji Kagawa to the left for Japan, prepares to join Milan. It is not cocky to wonder if the Italians are good enough for Honda.

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