Karate Challenge|免費玩街機App


免費街機App|Karate Challenge|阿達玩APP

See how high you can get your score, and then brag to your friends about being the board breaker champ!

- Use your lightening-fast reflexes to chop the board your sensei throws up. Tap on the board to chop it, but be careful! He may hold up other things, like boards with nails or innocent kittens to try and trip you up. You'll have a split second to decide to chop the board, so be quick!

免費街機App|Karate Challenge|阿達玩APP

- Hours of fun gameplay. (if you're super fast!)

免費街機App|Karate Challenge|阿達玩APP

- No ads.

免費街機App|Karate Challenge|阿達玩APP

免費街機App|Karate Challenge|阿達玩APP

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Karate Challenge玩免錢App

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