Jungle Monkey|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Jungle Monkey|阿達玩APP

Home screen in the jungle!

Movement of the monkey is cute live wallpaper.

Cute monkey from which it is random and a background changes!

Recommended point of this app.

• The figure which monkey is climbing trees can enjoy the wallpaper of lovely movement.

• You can climb trees, and dancing. I prepare an image different expression is seen.

• It can also be set to wallpaper just a simple foliage fluttering in the registration can be photo.

How to enjoy this app.

In the jungle pop, one animal is monkey.

It seems to be aimed at the bananas, back and forth the tree.

Or maybe dancing merrily through the jungle.

It is a fun live wallpaper app with such a movement.

Make it look even scenery of a different atmosphere that totally leaves fluttering lightly in the wallpaper photos of your choice.

免費個人化App|Jungle Monkey|阿達玩APP

Monkey playing with gusto a jungle, quiet scenery to fluttering leaves or even. Your favorite Which are you?


1. Speed of a lower.

2. Oshi of a few.

3. Home screen random.

4. SD card is photograph Setup.

-The setting method-

1. Install from Google Play.

2. Go to Home screen > Open menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers > and press "Set wallpaper"


1. AndroidOS2.1 henceforth

2. It does not correspond to a horizontal screen.

免費個人化App|Jungle Monkey|阿達玩APP

3. There is a terminal not corresponding in part.

Jungle Monkey APP玩不用錢

Jungle Monkey玩免錢App

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