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免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

This App allows you to quickly, simultaneously, and easily convert back and forth between Gregorian Date and Julian Date.

Gregorian date is a common display of date format. Julian date is the numerical count in which this date falls on a given year.

免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

Julian Day Calc defaults to today’s date when opened and allows you to select any Julian Date between 1 & 366 and the app will convert to the corresponding Gregorian date and vice versa.

免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

For example:

If you wanted to find out the Julian date of June 21, 2013 you would scroll the date selector to June 21, 2013 and the Julian date wheel will automatically scroll to 172.

免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

If you scroll the Julian Date bar to 90 the Date bar will automatically scroll to March 31.

This App is used by Quality Assurance & Manufacturing Professionals as well as savvy consumers to determine production dates and corresponding expiration dates.

免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

Calculations are accurate for any date between years 1 and 10,000 A.D. and adjusts for leap years!

免費生產應用App|Julian Date Calc|阿達玩APP

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