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免費健康App|Juice Bar|阿達玩APP

Juice Bar is for the health conscious person that wants to enjoy fresh juice but not your normal boring straight juice.

We give you recipes for juices and smoothies to increase energy, bolster your immune system, help with vitamin and mineral deficiencies and help with detoxing and weight loss.

免費健康App|Juice Bar|阿達玩APP

While we have grouped the drinks most of them are suitable for anyone at anytime. If any of the drinks seem to strong, simply dilute them with pure water.

免費健康App|Juice Bar|阿達玩APP

Unless otherwise specified the ingredients have not been peeled, seeded, corded or deveined as many vitamins and minerals lie in the skin of fruits and vegetables.

Juice Bar also gives you a list of vitamins and minerals your body needs detailing what their function is and what food sources contain them.

免費健康App|Juice Bar|阿達玩APP

While some drinks have been recommended for specific health problems, they are not intended to be a treatment but a way to supply beneficial nutrients that can be of help. Always seek qualified medical advice for any health concern.

免費健康App|Juice Bar|阿達玩APP

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