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免費解謎App|Jelly Break|阿達玩APP

Jelly Break !!


" Jellies are Teamed Up to Rescue the Grape Jelly Together with YOU"

Jelly Break is a novel physical elimination of classical puzzle game. The game uses physics engine, which giving the jelly flexibility, makes you enjoy the unprecedented experience of blasting gaming.

The game control is simple, only need to debug the direction of the grape jelly, then release to launch the jelly. There are 8 different kinds of jelly which each of them have a different function, like the Green jelly can attractive the enemies jellies, some like a brick breaker, and some like a snake. You’d better use the limited jellies to save all the grape jellies and eliminate all the enemies.

The game includes 120 levels and even the idea is not traditional, the graphics and a part of the gameplay are kind of refreshing and new. The sound effects are excellent as well. It’s also designed personalized that if you are out of the jellies, you can recall the reinforcement jellies to help you finish the level. But it’s not unlimited, so you should make use of the opportunities. It’s not to be easy to pass the entire level, are you ready to accept the challenge to your physical ability?

Jelly Break will become a new style which attractive people’s eye! It has combined the physics, shooting and brain puzzle into one game so that there is much fun in it. Download to experiment more than one game!

免費解謎App|Jelly Break|阿達玩APP


5 types of games are packed in one game with the real elastic jellies.

Have you played the game with the elastically bouncing jellies? With Jelly Break you can !!

Rescue innocent grape jellies first!!!! Help them to escape from bad jellies.


- Billiards, brick breaker, snake, pinball and sling shot fused in.

- 8 jellies are teamed up to rescue the grape jelly.

免費解謎App|Jelly Break|阿達玩APP

- some jellies are elastic with physics engine.

- can play only with one finger. (If it is smarter, it's better).

- 3 types of enemy jellies.

- 120 Levels + more to come !! (Your support will help me much to make new fun levels.)

If you stuck at a certain level, use (+) button to recall the reinforcement jellies to help you.

免費解謎App|Jelly Break|阿達玩APP

**All levels are fully tested with the given jellies.

**I decided to remove ZOOM-OUT feature because of bad game play.

Thank you for helping grape jellies.

Jelly Break !! (Play with THE REAL JELLY.)

免費解謎App|Jelly Break|阿達玩APP

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Jelly Break玩免錢App

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