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免費生活App|Jain Calendar|阿達玩APP

Jain Calendar shows jain rituals and festivals within an english calendar. It is ideal for someone that wants to know what english calendar day signifies a certain jain date.

Features Include:

+ Displays jain dates within an english calendar

+ Shows the sunset and sunrise of a particular day based on your location

免費生活App|Jain Calendar|阿達玩APP

+ Change the various day colors that signifies Vad and Sud days

+ Jump to a particular date

+ Displays Jain rituals and festivals

+ Provides a Chogadia lookup table for a particular day of the week

+ Shows all seven types of Chaughadiyos

免費生活App|Jain Calendar|阿達玩APP

Now updated to mango - fast app switching.

免費生活App|Jain Calendar|阿達玩APP

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