Islander Rewards - Texas A&M|免費玩運動App


免費運動App|Islander Rewards - Texas A&M|阿達玩APP

Islander Rewards is a geo-location app that rewards Texas A&M Corpus Christi students for supporting Islander Athletics. Check-in to this app when you arrive at events and accrue points to unlock prizes.

Your points earn you rewards ranging from merchandise to exclusive local discounts. Use the Leaderboard feature to track your points and see where you stack up against your fellow students.


+ A check-in system that earns you points for attending Islander events

免費運動App|Islander Rewards - Texas A&M|阿達玩APP

+ Stay up-to-date with a consolidated schedule listing event dates, game times, & point values

+ Earn points to unlock rewards & exclusive discounts

+ Official Leaderboard noting your rank compared to top point holders

+ Share to Facebook and compete with friends

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Islander Rewards - Texas A&M玩免錢App

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