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免費生產應用App|Interview Prep|阿達玩APP

Ace your next interview with this in-depth study aid created by career management experts.

Interview Prep systematically walks you through the key questions that are typically asked, with detailed explanations of each question's underlying purpose, strategies, tips, things to avoid, and suggested answers.

免費生產應用App|Interview Prep|阿達玩APP

免費生產應用App|Interview Prep|阿達玩APP

Interview Prep includes expert advice on phone screens, what to wear to in-person interviews, interview etiquette, and more:

• You can record your customized answers, and then be able to quickly and comprehensively rehearse in an organized way.

• Complete customization to your particular talents and career situation - tailor fit any of the questions and supporting material.

• Practice / rehearsal mode for when you are mobile just prior to your interview appointment - an ideal way to refresh your memory just when you need it.

• Random ordering so that you can quickly change the question order in practice mode, to prepare you for the dynamic interview environment.

• Favorites, so that you can focus on just the most challenging questions that apply to your particular situation.

Many users of this app have told us they are now so much better prepared to make that great first impression!

免費生產應用App|Interview Prep|阿達玩APP

免費生產應用App|Interview Prep|阿達玩APP

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