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免費書籍App|Interested in People|阿達玩APP

This audio allows you to be genuine in your interactions with others; be it your family, friends, business clients and customers with utmost ease. Almost automatically and effortlessly.

Struggling developing and nurturing fruitful and meaningful relationships with others? Listen to this audio for 20 minutes a day and your interest in other people will skyrocket; and, in return, people will see you from a different, thrilling perspective.

This session allows you to:

* Be genuinely interested in people, and make friends naturally and easily

* Feel comfortable at ease just being yourself

* See people as they are and not how you want them to be

Imagine having awesome relationships with others. Can you picture the positive outcome it will have on your life?

免費書籍App|Interested in People|阿達玩APP

How this audio works:

This 20 minute audio works on your subconscious mind to bring about the desired outcome. It starts off at a high level, just above 'alpha', and slowly descends to the lower end of 'alpha' over 5 minutes, designed to calm you.

It is then kept constant at this lower end of 'alpha' for 10 minutes; during that period, the affirmations are being delivered directly to your receptive subconscious mind while you remain in this relaxed state.

You will hear carefully worded affirmations in triplicate, using the accelerated learning technique, making them super-effective.

After the messages are finished, we slowly move up the frequency, gradually ascending back to a level just above 'alpha', over the remaining 5 minutes so you will be fully alert, energised and refreshed.

免費書籍App|Interested in People|阿達玩APP

Once the session comes to an end, you open your eyes and continue with the rest of your day.

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