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免費健康App|I Heart Veggies|阿達玩APP

iHeart Veggies will get you excited about eating vegetables. Earn points with each bite and achieve maximum nutrition every day! The built in tracking system helps identify nutritional gaps in your diet.

The App every vegetarian, vegan, and health nut needs! Exercise is only 20% of the battle - 80% of what you look and feel like is determined by what you eat!

A grocery store guide! iHeart Veggies shows you what vegetables you need to buy Organic!

Lose weight instantly! The UgliApps team has lost and average of 10lbs each by using this App! MMA fighters all over the world are switching to a Vegetable and Fruits based diet because the benefits are endless!

Find cures to heal your body! iHeart Veggies matches up common illnesses and diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Acne and Low Libido with the fruits and veggies that are known to help prevent and cure those ailments. No more pills and upset stomachs!

Target nutrients recommended by your doctor and dietician! Supplements have been proven time and again to go unused by the body. Use our nutrition match-maker will find the fruits and veggies that you need to stay healthy, such as: iron, protein, fiber, and b-complex.

Other information includes how to juice, mix, cook, enjoy and grow your favorite fruits and veggies.

GROW ORGANIC! The Vegetables app is here to give you the secrets of Organic Vegetables. Maximize their health benefits by growing vegetables from your backyard. Growing tomatoes, onions, peppers, and much more has never been easier after just 5 minutes with the vegetable app.

ABUSE SCIENCE! Find out which vegetables contains 15 times more potency than the standard unit of penicillin - and which vegetables can help you lose weight! This is what you’ve been waiting for. Get the Vegetable App today and enjoy the mirror for years to come.

*** 53 Vegetables to choose from! ***

免費健康App|I Heart Veggies|阿達玩APP

*** Feel Stronger ***

免費健康App|I Heart Veggies|阿達玩APP

*** Look Sexy ***

免費健康App|I Heart Veggies|阿達玩APP

*** Lose Weight ***

免費健康App|I Heart Veggies|阿達玩APP

*** Live Organic ***

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