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About Application:


Users of Hotel Liberty Application get many useful information about the accommodation, services and their stay in Hotel Liberty. And through the city guide they can easily discover the best places in Prague.

Use this application to be informed about the Special Offers and brand News. See where to go to drink best Coffee or preorder Lunch or Dinner. Find the best and easiest way how to get to the hotel by using the function Transport. In the section Guide choose the right destination and let the Aplication navigates you there. Call or chat with reception to be in touch with hotel even You are outside.

Application Hotel Liberty works also in OFFLINE even with MAPS!

This product is a part of MyStay solution.

About Hotel Liberty :


Luxury Hotel Liberty, located in the very heart of the Prague historical center, has been designed to offer exclusive and alternative services which people cannot find in big five-star chain hotels. Their intention is to establish a romantic hotel with luxury and spacious hotel rooms and suites that will make our guests feel like at home.

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