Avid home brewer Damon Elgie brews a light, refreshing wheat ale on his stovetop. This tutorial is a great primer for all-grain brewing. Without too much fuss or muss Damon shows you how to produce 23 liters/ 6 US gal of this quality refreshing ale. He shares his handy tricks and tips to mastering all-grain kitchen brewing. Damon's Hefe is awesome.

The tutorial begins with a brief explanation of the ingredients and the inherent simplicity of ale. From there it gets into detail about the gear you will need to brew this all-grain Hefeweizen. After that Damon jumps right into the brewing process and takes you through, mashing-in, sparging, boiling, cooling, pitching the yeast, both primary and secondary rackings, ending with a demo of bottle carbonation and kegging. There is nothing fancy or pretty about Damon's technique, just straightforward all-grain brewing with the standard gear.

With Damon's free and easy attitude towards brewing he'll make you want to go out and get the stuff to make your own all-grain hefeweizen. 23L/ 6US gallons of beer have never been so affordable or delicious.

Table of Contents:

1 - Trailer


2 - Intro

3 - Recipe

4 - Equipment List

5 - Set-up

6 - Mash-in (Part 1)

7 - Mash-in (Part 2)

8 - Sparging

9 - The Boil


10 - Cooling

11 - Sanitization

12 - Pitching the Yeast

13 - Original Gravity

14 - Primary Racking

15 - Terminal Gravity

16 - Bottling and Kegging

17 - Tasting


18 - Credits


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