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免費健康App|Health Manager

Healthiern is one of the easiest Health Management app.

You can manage your health easier in many sides.

Healthiern has four main functions:

1. Body Management function

- Record Weight, Tall, Blood pressure (Systolic/Diastolic)

- Setting of Weight target.

2. Exercise Management function

- Record calorie consumption

- Exercise scheduling

- Contributing to Google Calendar

- Pedometer calorie consump

3. Meal Management function

- Record calorie intake

- Record Meal (with picture)

4. Sleep Management function

免費健康App|Health Manager

- Record sleeping hours

- Alarm

- Analysing sleep (Sleeping time, time zone, autolysis)

In addition, Healthiern has the following features and functions:

- Easy user interface

- Share / Copy & Paste / Contributing to Twitter

- One point Advice

- Graph view

- Voice Guidance (Voice Advice / Voice Command)

- Supports Tablet

- Supports Japanese (日本語対応)

- Cloud function (with Dropbox)

- Data Backup and Restore

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