Handbook of Knots Manual|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Handbook of Knots Manual|阿達玩APP

this is the Handbook of Knots Manual. If you are an outdoorsman,Hunter,Fisherman,Camper,or in the Military this is the app for you.With this app on your phone a some rope you will be able to tie,secure,move,or hoist anything.

With over 150 pages and diagrams.

An incredible amount of extremely useful information

on the subject of knots,hitches,splices,fancy work,block and tackle

免費書籍App|Handbook of Knots Manual|阿達玩APP

,and wire rope.s\Starting out with a description of construction and

care of rope,there are tables of breaking strengths and weights of various ropes,

definitions of the names applied by sailors to different types of lines and advice

on care and handling of these knots.

免費書籍App|Handbook of Knots Manual|阿達玩APP

With easy to follows instruction and illistrations include for every knot and hitch.


免費書籍App|Handbook of Knots Manual|阿達玩APP

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