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免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP

HONG KONG COMICS is now launched for iPhone and iPad, offering a new experience for all comic lovers around the world to enjoy Hong Kong comics! Most importantly, the App is organized by Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation and thus this is a one-stop App for many famous Hong Kong comic masters in Kung-fu, adventure, science fiction, comedy and drama. New comic titles and issues will be published continuously and so please keep your eyes on the coming of our comics!

FREE downloads are available for half of the issues of our comic titles. With navigation features of focal-point guided view, page view and zooming, our App provides you with a user-friendly comic reading environment. So please act now to download our App and immerse yourself in the world of HONG KONG COMICS!

免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP

HONG KONG COMICS is funded by Create Hong Kong of HKSAR Government.

免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP

「香港漫畫」正式於iPhone及iPad上推出, 為世界各地的漫畫愛好者提供閱讀香港漫畫的嶄新體驗!由香港動漫畫聯會統籌的「香港漫畫」是你的一站式應用程式, 提供一眾本地著名畫家的不同作品(類型包括功夫、冒險、科幻、幽默、劇情)。可供下載的漫畫作品將不斷更新, 請密切留意推出日期!,

免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP

漫畫作品將提供一半的期數供讀者免費下載試閱。透過畫面導覽模式、全頁瀏覽模式及畫面縮放功能, 「香港漫畫」為你提供一個方便的閱讀環境。立即下載「香港漫畫」親身體驗閱讀香港漫畫的箇中樂趣!,

免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP


免費書籍App|HK Comics Plus|阿達玩APP

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