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免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

I want to make this the best fitness APP in the windows store, but I need to know what you want. Please rate this app 5 stars, and put in the comments what you would like to see. I will constantly be rebuilding it until I can feature ALL the things you want. Right now you can:

-Build a workout for every day. If you find a program in a magazine you want to try, put each day in as a workout plan. Do them one at a time, going set by set until you are done.

免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

-Have a timer for rest between sets

免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

-Enjoy a nice run and have your run tracked with stats to be saved and a track route available.

-View a log to track your workout progress by date.

免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

I am working on more functionality and I need as much input as possible. Until this app is perfected, it will be free. Once I feel it is where I want it to be, It will NOT be free. So download and enjoy, and be patient with my updates.

免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

Soon to come:

User ID's

免費健康App|Gym Rat|阿達玩APP

Full database of exercises

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