Guitar Chords Trainer|免費玩音樂App


免費音樂App|Guitar Chords Trainer|阿達玩APP

Guitar Chords Trainer allows you to train your favorite chords. Can you remember the correct fingerpositions?

- TRAINING : select a training and see if you can remember all the finger positions!

免費音樂App|Guitar Chords Trainer|阿達玩APP

- FIND CHORD: Quick find the chord you are looking for.

免費音樂App|Guitar Chords Trainer|阿達玩APP

- LIBRARY: Swipe through the library of chords including majors, minors, 7, m7, aug, sus2, sus4, and much more!

免費音樂App|Guitar Chords Trainer|阿達玩APP

- GROUPS: Create your own groups of chords for your training

Note: Currently Guitar Chords Trainer only shows the chords in 1 position, in their most common fingerposition.

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