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NOTE: The Great American Fitness Adventure syncs with the web version through your organization’s wellness program. Because it’s not a stand-alone app, you must register on the web version before you can use this app. Contact your wellness program manager to see if your organization has the Great American Fitness Adventure wellness campaign.

Great American Fitness Adventure takes you on an inspiring journey to better health as you visit 100 national parks, forests, monuments, and other natural wonders in 100 days. From the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire to the lush rainforest of Hawaii’s Haleakala National Park, you’ll discover America’s most treasured outdoor sites — while building fitness habits to last a lifetime.

Features include:

免費健康App|Great American Fitness Adv|阿達玩APP

• Vivid descriptions and spectacular images as you log progress

免費健康App|Great American Fitness Adv|阿達玩APP

• More than 40 physical activities to choose from

免費健康App|Great American Fitness Adv|阿達玩APP

• Individual and team participation

• Over 200 delicious, healthy recipes.

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