Government Resolutions|免費玩工具App


免費工具App|Government Resolutions|阿達玩APP

This is the Official Mobile application released by Directorate of Information Technology (DIT), Government of Maharashtra to access Government Resolutions (GR)

-This application connects to main website of Government of Maharashtra ( for searching and retrieving all GRs

- Bilingual Interface (English and Marathi)

- Users can search by department, title/keywords, Date-Range or Unique Code of GR

免費工具App|Government Resolutions|阿達玩APP

- Users can save downloaded GRs as PDF files

- Requires PDF reader on your mobile device

- Requires working internet connection

- A smart notification feature alerts users of any new resolutions released since their last login.

免費工具App|Government Resolutions|阿達玩APP

© 2013, DIT, Government of Maharashtra

免費工具App|Government Resolutions|阿達玩APP

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