Gogogate - Open garage door -|免費玩工具App


免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

Open your garage door or gate from your Android!

免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

Download the GoGogate app to open or close your garage door or gate with your Android.

This App works with the GoGoGate device that can be purchased separately at www.gogogate.com.

The GoGogate app will connect your Android to the GoGogate device via your Wi-Fi home network or internet.

Product details:

-This APP (when used in conjunction with the GoGoGate device) will open up to 3 garage doors

免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

-Garage door status alert: Shows if your garage doors are Open or Closed

免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

-Clean, Intuitive and User Friendly Interface

免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

-Unlimited number of users can download the app and operate a single garage

免費工具App|Gogogate - Open garage door -|阿達玩APP

-100% Secure with 128bits encryption technology

Compatible with all Garage door openers..

Advanced Settings:

The GoGogate device can also be configured via the APP to operate other relay based products such as electric blinds or sprinkler systems.

Installation video link:


Gogogate - Open garage door - APP玩不用錢

Gogogate - Open garage door -玩免錢App

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