GeoLocator uses GPS to determine your latitude and longitude and to display a map pinpoint your current location. You can toggle between map modes (map view and aerial view) and enable or disable automatic refresh. Refresh your location by tapping the refresh icon and stop monitoring your location by tapping the stop icon. An address can be approximated from the current GPS coordinates by tapping the location marker. The full version of the application also features live tile support; GPS coordinates are periodically updated automatically and displayed in the application's live tile.

Feature highlights:

-pinpoints your precise location via gps quickly


-switch between road view and hybrid satellite view

-tracks your position automatically (can be disabled)

-live tile support with automatic background updating

-address approximation feature*


-ability to toggle on/off location services, live tile functionality, and address approximation features

-ad-free in full version; trial is ad-supported

-simple, easy-to-use user interface skinned to match theme color



v1.4.0.0: updated graphics to reflect phone color theme, implemented better handling of events based on network availability, added address approximation feature (triggered by tapping on the current location marker), added live tile support (displays latitude and longitude coordinates of most recent update in live tile), added settings menu to toggle access to location services, live tile functionality, and address approximation, updated privacy policy, improved page transitions

v1.3.0.0: several bug fixes, changed pushpin style, implemented trial version


v1.2.0.0: Addressed privacy concerns, bug fixes, added automatic refresh toggle feature, added manual stop button

v1.1.0.0: Bug fixes, added map mode toggle feature

v1.0.0.0: Initial release


Developed by Kevin Lin


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