Geo Help Numb3rs|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

How many times are you on holiday and you don't know who phone call when you need some help ? The solution is Geo Help Numb3rs an app that will find automatically your position and give you right phone numbers (police, fireman and medical).

App works without wi-fi or GPS location service, in this case you have to select nation where you are. This app is available in two versions: free and payable. In free version, you can call only 5 times whereas in payable app you can call when you want.

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP


- tiles as WP8

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

- search and set nation where you are at the moment (optional)

- update file with list of emergency numbers (as you need)

- set accuracy and minimum distance during search

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

NOTE: app can be better in particular during research of the country name where you are. If app can't give you phone numbers is because country name discovered is different from country name into internal database (sorry but I really don't know country name in all languages of the world :(). In this case, if you send me an e-mail I will update this list as soon as possible and app will become better with your help (this change is very fast and you can update this list directly from help section).

If you have some doubts or questions, please send me an e-mail for more information before you vote my app.

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP


免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

- 1.4: change layout controls

- 1.3: add map view mode

- 1.2: app layout changes

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

- 1.1: bug fix

- 1.0: first published release

change some controls layout

免費旅遊App|Geo Help Numb3rs|阿達玩APP

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