GSam Screen Dimmer - Free|免費玩工具App


免費工具App|GSam Screen Dimmer - Free|阿達玩APP

Is your screen too bright for reading at night? GSam Screen Dimmer will let you:

* Dim your screen below the built-in settings for some devices

* Set custom brightness settings, providing quick access to change your screen brightness

* Automatically change brightness at certain times of the day (Pro version only)

Even on its lowest Brightness setting, many people find that their screen can be too bright for reading in a dark room. GSam Screen Dimmer often lets you dim the screen way past what the built-in brightness setting will allow, giving you a much better night reading experience. You can dim your screen without ever leaving the app you are currently running. Better yet, you can see the content on your screen while you dim - no need to launch into separate screens.


* Not all devices will let you dim the screen past the default settings.

免費工具App|GSam Screen Dimmer - Free|阿達玩APP

* The Free version contains ads. Upgrade to the Pro version to remove the adds.

* This app was designed with e-readers such as the Kindle Fire in mind, however it will function well on all Android devices, including Phones and Tablets.

Permission Explanations:

* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Allows the dimmer to dim the screen below the system settings even when it's not the active foreground app. This is a dangerous setting to allow, however it is required for the screen dimmer.

* WRITE_SETTINGS: Allows the dimmer to update the system brightness setting.

免費工具App|GSam Screen Dimmer - Free|阿達玩APP

* INTERNET: Allows the Free version to show Ads. This permission is not included in the Pro version.

* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows the dimmer to automatically start up whenever you restart your devices. You can control this setting in the preferences.

免費工具App|GSam Screen Dimmer - Free|阿達玩APP

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