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免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

GPS Tracker is the ultimate app for outdoor tracking activities.

Backtrack to saved location and/or record a course with final stats provided.

Find your current location with full GPS data.


1 - Navigate to a previously recorded location or a manually inserted waypoint

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

2 - Record a course either by bike, car, boat, walking, etc. At the end save it and you'll get your course plotted on map with stats. Also, you can share it either by email, facebook or skydrive.

Specific Features:

- latitude, longitude, altitude, course, speed, accuracy indicator (vertical horizontal)

- Save your current location or waypoints

- Manually set your own coordinates (waypoints)

- supports both Decimal and DMS

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

- Real time tracking between current and saved location displayed on bing maps

- Calculates the shortest distance (direct line) between the current and a given saved location

- uses Bing maps providing zoom controls and aerial or road view

- supports both imperial and metric units

- supports Windows Phone 7 themes.

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

New features in version 1.2:

- customizable Address update

- full large GPS COMPASS

- full large SPEEDOMETER

- maximum speed, average speed

- elapsed time

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

New features in version 1.3:

- New Layout, panorama view!

- HISTORY with unlimited entries. Now you can keep all your saved locations!

- better performance

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

New features in version 1.6:

- record a course

- course history list

- pause, resuming logging

- map with plotted course, overall stats

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

- speed and altitude graphs

- export map to pictures HUB and share it

Trial app currently has full functionality with time limit, however you may have to reinstall it to get updates and saved locations will be lost.

免費旅遊App|GPS Track & Log|阿達玩APP

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