GPS Navigator aSpass|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

Update v1.5

- Search for Points of Interest (POI)

aSpass Gps Navigator provides voice guided, turn by turn navigation for your WP7.

A fast and accurate route calculation combined with voice instructions and clear onscreen directions.

And with Map Caching you can save portions of the map to be used offline.

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

The right direction is just a few taps away!

aSpass Navigator features:

- Map Caching to drastically reduce map downloads over the Internet

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

- Download of specific Map Regions to be used offline

- Download of the entire map for a calculated route

- Turn by Turn navigation

- Voice instructions as you approach your next turn

- Automatic route recalculation if you miss a turn

- Automatic map rotation according to your current direction

- Fast route calculation to your favourites locations

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

- Keeps track of your last search results

- Let's you chose the shortest or fastest route

- Driving and walking directions

- Support for Imperial and Metric Units

- Bing and OSM map types supported

- Search by typing in an address or by clicking on the map

- Search for Points of Interest (POI)

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

Voice and onscreen instructions are supported in the following languages:

- English

- Spanish

- French

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

- Italian

- German

- Portuguese

- Finnish

- Danish

- Dutch

- Norwegian

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

- Swedish

Next updates will include:

- High quality voice instructions for Spanish, French and German

免費旅遊App|GPS Navigator aSpass|阿達玩APP

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