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When you’re in a restaurant or bar and you need to calculate a tip (gratuity) for the waiter, sometimes you just want a quick and simple tip calculator to do the job. Simpler Tipster from Full-On Tools is the right tool for the job!

With Simple Tipster all you have to do is:

• Enter the price of the meal and/or drinks;

• Enter the tax amount; and

免費生活App|Full-On Simple Tipster|阿達玩APP

• Specify the tip percentage.

Simple Tipster will automatically calculate the tip amount and the total bill amount. You can even indicate whether you want the tip to be calculated on the pre-tax or post-tax amount. And, you can enter a split (the number of parties that will split the tab).

It can’t get any easier and faster than that. And, best of all, Simple Tipster is FREE!

Give Simple Tipster a try today. Calculating a tip will be easier than ever!

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