Freestyle Football Timer|免費玩運動App


免費運動App|Freestyle Football Timer|阿達玩APP

It's an application containing few timers tailored for football freestylers.

Use your favourite music and switch sounds will be added automatically. All modes have 10sec preparation window so you have some time to set it up.

No more need for an additional person to monitor time and yell every switch, it's set and forget

Freestyle Football Timer has 3 modes:

- BATTLE - 3 minute timer with air horn sound every 30secs, supports EXTRA ROUNDS(2x30sec)

免費運動App|Freestyle Football Timer|阿達玩APP

- QUALIFICATION - 1.5min timer with small beep every 30secs so you can practise knowing how much time left

- ROUTINE - It uses your music of choice duration, useful for routines/live performances practice

It's the first version of application so I welcome all your feedback or ideas to improve it

What to expect in future releases:

- Mixing two songs while in battle mode(separate song for each player time)

免費運動App|Freestyle Football Timer|阿達玩APP

- Customization of timer durations and intervals

If you want to support my work, please download donate version of this application at

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