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Introducing "Foreclosure Law 101: The TextVook” – a lively, informed crash course featuring eight easy-to-follow chapters, that will get you up-to-speed on the laws that govern our homes and finances. Whether you are facing foreclosure, interested in studying law, or simply seeking more information on this critical issue, this Vook has the answers you’re looking for. Dr. Vook, Ph.D guides you through this practical TextVook that will have you feeling confident about foreclosure laws. Download it now! In “Foreclosure Law 101: The TextVook,” You’ll begin your journey with a brief explanation of foreclosure. Then you’ll learn all about mortgages, default and necessary notices, filing a foreclosure action, and sheriff sales and deficiencies. Finally, you’ll become well-versed in confirmation hearing and redemption, short sales, and ways to PREVENT foreclosure. Tip boxes in each lesson give you fascinating facts, hints and history about each topic. As usual, Dr. Vook has got it all covered. Foreclosure Law can be complicated and intimidating, but don’t let that stop you – download this Vook now!

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