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免費書籍App|Film Production Terms|阿達玩APP

Film Production Terms is the leading professional level Film Production Glossary for Windows Phone 7. With a database of thousands of Lighting, Editing, Filming, Sound, Directing, Post-Processing and General Film Production Terms, it maintains the most comprehensive collection available right at your fingertips. No internet connection required!

Film Production Terms' intuitive interface and fast search allow you to glean the information you need as easily as checking a text message. There's no reason to make decisions, without crystal clear definitions of all the terminology involved, Film Production Terms equips you with just that, anytime, anywhere.

免費書籍App|Film Production Terms|阿達玩APP


免費書籍App|Film Production Terms|阿達玩APP

* Massive Database

* Favorite and Recent Features

* Fast, Comprehensive Search

免費書籍App|Film Production Terms|阿達玩APP

* Clear, Concise Definitions

* Clean, Un-Cluttered Interface

* No Internet Connection Required

免費書籍App|Film Production Terms|阿達玩APP

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