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免費書籍App|Fast Racing|阿達玩APP

Are you a fan of drag racing? Would you like to take part in it? If yes, then why don't you learn more about theory first? Fast Racing is a great collection of articles concerning drag racing. Learn more about its basics and glossary and become a real drag racing expert. This app comprizes everything you need to know about drag racing.

******How to use:

Choose a category and learn more about drag racing.

Fast Racing includes:

免費書籍App|Fast Racing|阿達玩APP

- drag racing history;

- drag racing glossary;

- drag racing organization;

- drag racing basics;

- drag racing cars.

免費書籍App|Fast Racing|阿達玩APP

Read everything you always wanted to know about drag racing and become a drag racing expert!

免費書籍App|Fast Racing|阿達玩APP

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