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With this app you always have the international clothing sizes in your shopping tour here. In addition, you can back up your own clothing sizes in the app and convert if required to other countries. Easy and intuitive user interface, by simple Fingergestik (left / right) to navigate through the Assemblies.


Easy conversion of clothes in the measured variables DE, UK, U.S., FR, IT, JP.

Creating user profiles can be stored in the individual assembly of the individual categories.

The app shows Assemblies in the following categories:

- Ladies' clothing

- Women's Jeans

- Ladies Bra

- Womens clothes

- Women's hats

- Women

- Women's Size Chart

- Men's Clothing

- Men's Jeans

- Men's Shirts

- Men's underwear

- Men Hats

- Mens Shoes

- Men's Size Chart

- Children's clothing

- Children's Jeans

- Children's day

- Children's Shoes

- Kids Size Chart

- Individual enter your own clothing sizes (family list)


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