Farmyard Match|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Farmyard Match|阿達玩APP

Fun Kids Matching Game Free

免費解謎App|Farmyard Match|阿達玩APP

Farmyard Match is a bright and colourful, kids educational matching game designed for children.

免費解謎App|Farmyard Match|阿達玩APP

By combining farmyard animals, sounds and colours, help your young ones learn to recognise similarities in two objects.

Gain 100 points for every correct match and minus 10 points for an incorrect match. Building on the natural desire to do better, children will pay closer attention and make more informed decisions.

An easy to use and navigate app designed with children in mind, be worry free in knowing your child is learning in a safe environment by themselves or join in and be a part of the learning experience.

Developed by Philip Mc Cabe & Chloe Johnson.

免費解謎App|Farmyard Match|阿達玩APP

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