Emergency Info|免費玩健康App


免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

A unique app that allows you to put information on visible places of your phone easily.

Features include:

免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

* Password setting to make editing safer

* 3 Modes of customization: Medical, Contact, and Free

免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

* Ability to cycle between 5 different images

* Ability to choose one of 4 pre-packaged lock wallpapers

免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

* Updates wallpaper in the background

*Fluid and responsive

免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

New for version 3.5:

* New calendar appointment section

免費健康App|Emergency Info|阿達玩APP

* Refreshed UI with lighter fonts and colors

* Moved about page to menu bar with new feedback feature by tapping on "DWR Apps"

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