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免費生活App|Easy Cocktails|阿達玩APP

Easy Cocktails is an app for everyone who wants to make fancy and delicious mixed drinks, but doesn't want to search for 10 ingredients and spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what to mix first.

Every one of the over 50 recipes in this app need 5 ingredients or less, and the best part is that they are all extremely easy to make. So when you come home from a long hard day, and you need a drink to get your night started right, this app will be exactly what you will need.

免費生活App|Easy Cocktails|阿達玩APP

Features -

- Over 50 recipes

- Seperate sections for Guys, Gals and Shots

免費生活App|Easy Cocktails|阿達玩APP

- Every Recipe has 5 ingredients or less

- Easy Browsing

免費生活App|Easy Cocktails|阿達玩APP

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