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免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

This course is geared to those of you who don't know any English and want to start from the very beginning. It is also intended for those who have a basic knowledge but feel their language skills are not good enough, their vocabulary is insufficient, or their sentences just don't come out right.

Not only are the course's contents and methodology innovative – it also uses a useful and convenient video format!

So what makes this course so unique?

■ It comes in three consecutive parts or stages. Each stage is geared to a different level, and each part can be ordered separately.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

■ Just watch, listen and learn! Everything you need to know appears on the screen, ranging from simple grammar hints to subtitles providing translations and explanations in the user's language.

■ Your teachers are English native speakers.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

■ Several free lessons are offered for each level. You can start from Part 1 or choose the level appropriate for you!

■ Downloaded parts can be viewed repeatedly and at any time on your device – offline and at the highest resolution. Learn anywhere you want, without WIFI or internet connection!

Our motto is: Work at your own pace… don't rush -practice as many times as you wish. This is the advantage of self-learning! Our goal is for you to gain skills while enjoying what you learn.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP


In Part 1, you'll learn how to pronounce all the letters of the English alphabet and many common letter combinations. You'll also learn to read a variety of useful words.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

Part 1 includes 22 lessons, more than 2 recorded hours, over 400 new words!


In Part 2, you'll learn the basic parts of speech, including verb conjugations, noun forms, adjective forms, and a whole lot more. You'll also acquire some very useful vocabulary.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

Part 2 includes 24 lessons, more than 4 recorded hours, over 1000 new words!


In Part 3, you'll learn more parts of speech, as well as additional verb conjugations, noun forms, and adjective forms. You'll also learn many common expressions in English and a lot of new vocabulary for everyday scenarios.

免費教育App|ENGLISH MASTER Video (part 2)|阿達玩APP

Part 3 includes 34 lessons, more than 4.5 recorded hours, over 1500 new words!

We're constantly working on developing more advanced levels, including business English and more, so make sure you look out for new versions…

Now, let's get started!

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