Dua E Adam (Islamic App) - 3D|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Dua E Adam (Islamic App) - 3D|阿達玩APP

Whoever recites Dua E Adam, will get the true benefits of it. It has great healing powers. And this beautiful Islamic app further compliments the beauty of Dua E Adam in an interactive way. The best thing is that not only is this Free 3D app visually appealing, it will also serve as a great tool for people who want to learn the Dua and how to recite the Holy Quran. The stunning environment in this app further revives the memory of the Islamic ways many centuries ago. And all praise goes to Allah.

3D Features:

• A stunning, realistic and ancient 3D environment

• Special Visual effects

• Breath Taking sound effects of caves, thunder and rain

• Particle Effects

免費書籍App|Dua E Adam (Islamic App) - 3D|阿達玩APP

• Interactive mode

• Different styles of recitation. Recite line by line (best especially for learners or beginners) or the complete Dua.

• Repeat Mode

• Switch Audio on or Off

• Walk inside different caves

• Built in controls to change the brightness and glow of the over all 3D environment

• Auto-Scroll and Manual Scroll feature

• Natural and realistic audio / visual effects of rain and thunder

免費書籍App|Dua E Adam (Islamic App) - 3D|阿達玩APP

• Auto Highlight each verse or the full Dua A person who recites this verses at least once after every obligatory prayer (Salaah), Allah will lnsha Allah forgive his sins, for this is the suplication (Dua) of Hazrat Adam A.S. after he descended on the earth.

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